And a little bit of code reconstruction here and there.

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The Generic-ness of these pictures is getting hard to get around

Note: This is a follow up on my previous publication and is part 2 in an ongoing series on making a virtual filesystem in Go. The first part can be found here :

Okay, that’s it. Let’s get started.

Over the past week the project’s had a little bit of editing done to the design of things. It turns out architecting and coding a project of this scale on the fly can lead to some unintended consequences. But it’s not like we never saw this coming. …

The official first article on the filesystem’s implementation.

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Finding these generic pictures is really hard :(

We finally made it to day one reader, hope you’re psyched to get going with creating an incredibly pretty while also not so super fast virtual filesystem in Go because we’re building while planning at the same time. Why not follow along with the project over at my GitHub repo for it over at and let me know what you think or share any ideas you might have along the way.

And with that brief introductions out of the way, before we go into the actual filesystem, let’s make sure that…

A Go project to get me started in Go and because filesystems are cool.

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I needed a blue-ish background and my first background wasn’t great. :’)

So today I decided I was gonna get started in pursuing a glamorous and innovative career contributing to opensource. I’ve had my eye on Go for a long time but never really committed to really learning it, believing that C was the only low level language for me. However, there are so many interesting projects in Go across Github to sink one’s teeth into and even Go itself is like the highly intuitive and functional offspring of Python and C — the only two languages I…


I’m a software developer by day and tinkerer by night. Working on getting into opensource stuff with a focus on C and Python. I’m also a Ratchet and Clank fan.

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