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and other terrifying things… 😨

It’s like making a cake…. but also not really

What can I tell you reader, where filesystems fail to captivate my imagination, compilers just do it for me. Seriously, I spent most of the entirety of last year attempting to make one. It was a fun project but I ultimately failed because compilers are very much theory heavy and you really need to go into them with a clear and concise plan.

I didn’t have a clear and concise plan and sorta kinda barely knew what I was saying or doing. This became evident when I finally worked up the courage to visit the…

An abrupt end to an otherwise not so epic journey.

Me trying my best to finish this project…

Okay so admittedly I didn’t really know how to round this off. I had one component left to go (the image maker/reader) but then a bunch of life events threw me off my flow in a pretty big way. I lost a bunch of the carefully curated momentum I had going for myself, then proceeded to spend the three or so months ignoring my problems and plough through Persona 3, 4, 5 and 5 Strikers. Was it worth it? It totally was, those games are fantastic. Would I do it…

Think of this as project inside a project because this is gonna hard…

We’re back at it this week reader! Contrary to my previous announcement on what would happen next, protobuf (Protocol Buffers) is being benched this week. I started working on it but then I started playing Persona 4 and found myself unable to stop. There’s just something about role playing a person with incredibly poor time management skills that I just found so engaging and hard to tear myself away from.

But let’s get into this week’s topic; text editors.

It’s funny because I decided to work on…

And a half-working solution

I’m gonna look into making my own images soon.

No filesystem this week because I never made it on time. It turns out the things that are left to do are actually pretty hard. So this week I’ve decided to indulge myself a little bit in my other, once-favorite hobby; reverse engineering (sort of). I actually wrote this article quite a long time ago but never got to publishing it. It’s from a time when I had access to an OSX operating system and wanted to dig deeper into its internals. …

There’s no code snippets this week — just a lot of disaster.

This basically describes how this week went.

The end is nigh and version 1 is almost ready to be packaged, shipped and exit our lives. This project really has gone much smoother than I ever imagined writing a filesystem could’ve ever been. It makes me wonder if I did it properly, you know what I mean? Like if I did it “correctly”. More on that existential dread some other time; let’s tally up what we did in the past seven days.

As the foreshadowing in the heading implies, I was unsuccessful this week at making…

It’s a lot less fancier than the title implies.

This is a bowl of ramen I found on the internet. I had noodles this weekend. They were fantastic.

I had my first bowl of fancy ramen this weekend at a fancy restaurant. I then sampled some green tea ice cream. I didn’t like it at first but then loved it but it was too late, I’d already left the restaurant. I carry this regret everywhere with me.

Onward to the article.

We did it reader; we finally finished initFilesystem() . I got to finally complete the thing I said I would (almost when I said it would be done too, but 5/10 is better than 0). I must admit…

Yup, that’s what we’ll be talking about this week.

Its funny because it’s a shell… :|

I love how I always commit to completing or touching on a certain component on an article and the end up having to do something different entirely because it turns out that working on that component requires endless groundwork I never consider until its too late. Yes reader it happened again; we’ll in fact not be further building initFilesystem this week like I said we would (good thing I didn’t promise anything :D) and here’s why.

A Few Days Ago…

Like a good, honest and hardworking engineer, I did the right thing by starting off…

And a little bit of code reconstruction here and there.

The Generic-ness of these pictures is getting hard to get around

Note: This is a follow up on my previous publication and is part 2 in an ongoing series on making a virtual filesystem in Go. The first part can be found here :

Okay, that’s it. Let’s get started.

Over the past week the project’s had a little bit of editing done to the design of things. It turns out architecting and coding a project of this scale on the fly can lead to some unintended consequences. But it’s not like we never saw this coming. …

The official first article on the filesystem’s implementation.

Finding these generic pictures is really hard :(

We finally made it to day one reader, hope you’re psyched to get going with creating an incredibly pretty while also not so super fast virtual filesystem in Go because we’re building while planning at the same time. Why not follow along with the project over at my GitHub repo for it over at and let me know what you think or share any ideas you might have along the way.

And with that brief introductions out of the way, before we go into the actual filesystem, let’s make sure that…

A Go project to get me started in Go and because filesystems are cool.

I needed a blue-ish background and my first background wasn’t great. :’)

So today I decided I was gonna get started in pursuing a glamorous and innovative career contributing to opensource. I’ve had my eye on Go for a long time but never really committed to really learning it, believing that C was the only low level language for me. However, there are so many interesting projects in Go across Github to sink one’s teeth into and even Go itself is like the highly intuitive and functional offspring of Python and C — the only two languages I…


I’m a software developer by day and tinkerer by night. Working on getting into opensource stuff with a focus on C and Python. I’m also a Ratchet and Clank fan.

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